Wheel bearings guide the wheels and absorb the forces that are generated during their rotation and, for example, during cornering. Straight drivetrain parts, in particular, are subject to special care in design, manufacturing and assembly.

This is why Ralphmech Germany exclusively offers wheel bearings in tested OE matching quality. In order to ensure an absolutely reliable absorption of the radial and axial forces which occur during acceleration, braking and cornering, wheel bearings from Ralphmech are intensively tested. Our certified quality management tests the offered wheel bearings for different requirements and loads. These include precision fit, dimensional stability, material quality, tensile strength and hardness.

Same technological and qualitative specifications of OEM products.
High performance steel.
Precision profiles and geometries in every detail.
Efficiency that lasts over time.
ID code branding and integrated hologram on the label to certify product authenticity.
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